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Welcome to www.pelikanpens.co.za, your go-to destination for all of Pelikan’s high-quality fine writing instruments and inks that inspire creativity and elevate your writing experience. The site is hosted by ErgoKonzept, a company based in Johannesburg that is Pelikan’s sole importer and distributor for South Africa.

We believe that Pelikan is the perfect brand to experience the wonderful world of fine writing. It is a brand that is rich in tradition, and stands for German quality and artisanship.

Our Mission:

At pelikanpens.co.za, our mission is to provide access to Pelikan, as one of the most legendary traditional fountain pen brands. We aim to bring you the latest models and product information and be available to assist with any product queries you might have. You can also find information about specialist dealers who stock Pelikan’s fine writing range in South Africa and who will gladly assist you with expert advice in all things fine writing.

Connect With Us:

We invite you to join our community of passionate writers and ink enthusiasts. Drop us an email, or sign-up to our newsletter by clicking on the pop-up.

Thank you for choosing pelikanpens.co.za We look forward to being a part of your writing adventures!

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